Vision - Values - Philosophy

Our Vision:

- NEQUS REP S.A. to become a benchmark of excellence, offering a unique customer experience as well as Associate experience whilst establishing itself in the insurance market and public consciousness.

 Our Philosophy:

- NEQUS REP S.A. to be a Reliable, Responsible Company,whilst committed to its customers and Associates with Stability, Integrity, Authenticity and Respect.

Our Values:

- Respect to the consumer.
- Straight-forward and honest.
- Provision of services and products with clear contract terms.

Respect and Strengthening of Executives
- Continuous training and staff development.
- Team spirit.

- Compliance with Supervisory Authorities and Auditors. Auditors.
- Immediate service and convenience to the Associate.
- Appropriate and tailored products to customer needs.
- Direct compensation.

- Strong and steady clientele.
- Diverse and steady network of Associates.
- Dedicated Executives.

IT Department (in House)
- Continuously updating IT system.
- Modern organizational structure and processes.
- Use of innovative methods.