About us

“NEQUS REPRESENTATION OF INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE COMPANIES SOCIETE ANONYME” with distinctive title «NEQUSREP S.A. » was founded on March 12th 2014 with the main activity of insurance intermediation.

The company is run by renowed Greek proffessionals with years of experience  in the field and excellent knowledge of the insurance market of both Greece and Cyprus.

The company's staff consists of specialized proffessionals with many years of experience in the insurance field.

The modern organizational structure and the observance of all the established procedures of the departments result in the excellent operation and the fast service of our customers..

The Network of Associates in every region of Greece, is the main promoter of our products.

The company, as part of its continuous growth, sets as its main objective its long-term presence in the insurance market by creating innovative products inspired by the modern needs of the human being.